Are You an Offbeat Doula?

When I decided to go with “Offbeat Doula” as my brand and business name, I knew the name itself would apply to so many more doulas than just myself. The term “offbeat” as a descriptor of someone who strays away from normalcy and challenges the status quo is not new. So tell me, are you an offbeat doula?

I would love to hear from other doulas about what makes them an offbeat doula. What part about you do you think really sets you apart from the normal stereotype of “doula”? Do you push boundaries with your personal style, your lifestyle, your beliefs, or your practices? Do you help a marginalized group in a way that no one has thought of, or support people through other experiences than just birth? I want to hear about it!

So doulas of the world, please share your Offbeat Doula story with me, and I may showcase you on my blog as the badass doula that you are.

Offbeat Doulas unite!


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