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A Decade of La Leche League

I wrote this article for Birthing Magazine about my experience with La Leche League as a new and seasoned parent, and how my involvement changed with each baby. It's World Breastfeeding Week, and the timing seems appropriate to share it here as well. Enjoy. I had my first baby August 16, 2000. I was 21 and [...]

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Bearing Witness to a Miracle: AFE on the Farm

I don't typically share my clients' birth stories. As a doula, I bear witness, hold space and keep stories, but I don't share those stories with anyone outside the birthing team. However, I feel like this birth story needs to be told. So with permission from my client, I present to you the birth that [...]

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The 4th Trimester

The role of a doula is fairly well known in the realm of pregnancy and birth, but did you know that many doulas also choose to support a family right through the 4th trimester? The 4th trimester is your postpartum time, the time when parenting really hits you and you feel like you've been thrown [...]

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Babywearing for Birth Workers

Several years ago I designed a 3 hour workshop for birth workers, where attendees would learn how to teach their clients the art of babywearing. Well, I have some exciting news!! I have doubled the length of the workshop, added so much more information, and got DONA accredited to offer 6 continuing education credits (CECs). [...]

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What Exactly is a Full Spectrum Doula?

The word doula is derived from the Greek word δούλα, meaning female slave or woman servant. I personally don't like to gender support, so without the gendering, it's someone who is of service. The common definitions you'll come across if you google it include: A doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support [...]

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Gettin’ silly with Proud Fertility

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of joining Nathan from Proud Fertility and Lacey from Chinook City Doulas for a Baby Wrap Battle. There wasn't as much rapping as I had hoped, but there was a whole lot of wrapping.... and fun. Man do I love wrapping and fun. One of my life motto's is [...]

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How racism is harming pregnant people, and how maternity care can help

I just watched a video of Miriam Zoila Pérez (The Radical Doula) giving a Ted talk on racism and the effect on pregnant women of colour and how maternity care can alter the effects. First of all, wow... it makes so much sense. Miriam begins by describing effects of your nervous system sending a flood of [...]

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