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Did you know that I offer private in home babywearing consults? Well, I do! In fact, I always have (well, since 2009)… I just never really promoted it.

So, Andi, why are you promoting it now?

Well, because I get a lot of inquiries, and I think it would be helpful to simply have the information at your fingertips, available at the click of a mouse.


What exactly is a Babywearing Consult?

A private babywearing consult is done in the comfort of your home. You will learn how to safely and confidently wear your newborn (or older baby) in the carrier(s) of your choice (with some guidance of course). You will learn about the benefits of babywearing, what carriers will work for you and your baby(ies), and of course get some hands on practice.

How much does it cost?

The cost for a 1 hour babywearing consult is $100 within the Calgary city limits. I can travel to various locations in the surrounding area, the travel rate is .50/km.

How do I book?

Simply pop me a message at and we can chat about it!


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