This past weekend I facilitated a Blessingway for my good friend and doula client.  This may very well be the first blessingway to grace Lethbridge, but I’m not sure.  Anyone I talk to doesn’t really know what I’m talking about and they usually look at me like I just sprouted a new head, so that inspired me to post about it here.

What is a Blessingway? 

A Blessingway is a unique celebration that creates a sacred and safe environment where a mother-to-be (or be-again) can explore the challenges and joys that lie before her as she approaches birthing and mothering (again).  Surrounded by the most important women in her life, she gains a sense of power, confidence, and support that will help her rise to motherhood.

 Birth is a key life passage for women.  But modern culture has become preoccupied with the arrival of the baby-to-be and has lost touch with birth’s profound impact on the expectant mother.  While our most common birth preparations focus on getting women  physically ready to give birth, the blessingway ceremony helps a woman to prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the work of birthing, and it opens her to her instinctive abilities, which will guide her as she steps in to the role of a mother” – taken from Mother Rising by Yana Cortlund

I have never been to a Blessingway nor have I facilitated one before, so the book “Mother Rising” was really handy.  It outlined several different methods to run a Blessingway.  I chose a variety of rituals including the stringing of the Birthing Necklace, which everyone in attendance (and even if they can’t make it) donated a bead to.  We went around the circle and spoke about what our bead means to us, then we strung the necklace and placed it on the mama-to-be.  She will wear the necklace from now until after she has had the baby.

    – I am stringing my bead on the necklace

A friend of ours volunteered to make the head wreath using a variety of flowers and a lot of baby’s breath.  It was absolutely beautiful and every little flower meant something.  She crowned the mama-to-be (actually, mama-to-be-again, this is her 2nd baby) and told everyone the meaning behind the wreath. 



A few of the other rituals included a space clearing, mehndi, weaving a web and of course feasting!  The food was fantastic.  Everyone who came brought a dish for everyone to enjoy. 

What a great day it was, I am convinced that every expecting mama deserves a Blessingway.

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