Top 10 Instagram accounts for pregnancy and childbirth

I'll be the first to admit that I love Instagram. I love scrolling for pictures, posting pictures, reposting pictures, and finding like minded people around the world to connect with. The plethora of birth photos and moments available on Instagram is amazing, and the community of birth photographers and doulas on there certainly sets a high standard. [...]

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Reproductive Justice Choir

I just stumbled across what might be the most fantastic thing I have seen this year. While looking for reproductive justice associations in Canada, I found the "Reproductive Justice League" hosted by the Centre for Gender Advocacy out of Montreal, Quebec.   "The Reproductive Justice League’s goal is to raise awareness about the injustices faced by those [...]

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Placenta what? Encapsulation, that’s what.

I want to share an an article I wrote and that was published in the Spring issue of Birthing Magazine. If you don't have a hard copy at home to read, please enjoy this digital version! Expecting parents plan so much for their new baby. They make sure to have clothes, diapers, a car seat, and [...]

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Babywearing consult just for you

Did you know that I offer private in home babywearing consults? Well, I do! In fact, I always have (well, since 2009)... I just never really promoted it. So, Andi, why are you promoting it now? Well, because I get a lot of inquiries, and I think it would be helpful to simply have the information at [...]

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A “Don’t Waste Your Money” Guide to Baby Layettes

You're having a baby, and you want to know exactly what you need. You proceed to your local baby store and ask them for suggestions, and they hand you a 3 page list of all the shit you "need" for having a baby. Well, I am here to say that you don't need all that [...]

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In the trenches again for funded midwifery

In 2008 I organized the International Day of the Midwife rally in Lethbridge, AB. This rally was different than previous years of celebration, because this time we had a clear message. There were 5 rallies across Alberta happening simultaneously, and we all had one mission. Our mission was to have our voices heard, and demand [...]

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Top 10 Christmas gifts for the Mama-to-be

Buying presents for your pregnant partner, friend, co-worker or relative is not always the easiest task. Unless they are very specific with you regarding what they need/want, it's really hit or miss. Well, I am here to save you time and energy with the top 10 gifts to get any pregnant woman. Mom-to-Be Survival Kit by [...]

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Breastfeeding Hell?

There is a belief among many pregnant women that breastfeeding should come easily and naturally, especially if your birth goes according to plan. You should sit, looking all powerful and majestic, and your baby will naturally latch on while you gaze lovingly into their eyes. It will be magical, natural, organic, and generally beautiful... like parenting [...]

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