Gettin’ silly with Proud Fertility

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of joining Nathan from Proud Fertility and Lacey from Chinook City Doulas for a Baby Wrap Battle. There wasn't as much rapping as I had hoped, but there was a whole lot of wrapping.... and fun. Man do I love wrapping and fun. One of my life motto's is [...]

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Babywearing consult just for you

Did you know that I offer private in home babywearing consults? Well, I do! In fact, I always have (well, since 2009)... I just never really promotedĀ it. So, Andi, why are you promotingĀ it now? Well, because I get a lot of inquiries, and I think it would be helpful to simply have the information at [...]

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International Babywearing Week 2015

International Babywearing Week runs through October 4 - 10, 2015. They've made it pretty awesome this year with various themes and hashtags to use throughout the week. It's all about embracing, like #embraceyourlove and #embraceyouradventure just to name a couple. You'll have to go to Babywearing International to see the full list. "International Babywearing Week [...]

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I can wear your baby

I don't wear my babies anymore. I often miss it, although I cherish the memories I have with my little ones tied on to me. I wore my youngest until I physically could not wear her any longer, and even now at age seven, she would want to go in my Amauti if I let her. [...]

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Close enough to kiss

I have written about "babywearing" before, but it's been quite a while, so I think we're due for a recap.  One of the things that I have become extremely passionate about is "babywearing".  The back story on this is... I was pregnant with my third child and I may have been a little concerned about [...]

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