How racism is harming pregnant people, and how maternity care can help

I just watched a video of Miriam Zoila Pérez (The Radical Doula) giving a Ted talk on racism and the effect on pregnant women of colour and how maternity care can alter the effects. First of all, wow... it makes so much sense. Miriam begins by describing effects of your nervous system sending a flood of [...]

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Top 10 Instagram accounts for pregnancy and childbirth

I'll be the first to admit that I love Instagram. I love scrolling for pictures, posting pictures, reposting pictures, and finding like minded people around the world to connect with. The plethora of birth photos and moments available on Instagram is amazing, and the community of birth photographers and doulas on there certainly sets a high standard. [...]

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A “Don’t Waste Your Money” Guide to Baby Layettes

You're having a baby, and you want to know exactly what you need. You proceed to your local baby store and ask them for suggestions, and they hand you a 3 page list of all the shit you "need" for having a baby. Well, I am here to say that you don't need all that [...]

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Top 10 Christmas gifts for the Mama-to-be

Buying presents for your pregnant partner, friend, co-worker or relative is not always the easiest task. Unless they are very specific with you regarding what they need/want, it's really hit or miss. Well, I am here to save you time and energy with the top 10 gifts to get any pregnant woman. Mom-to-Be Survival Kit by [...]

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Maternity + Cocktail = Mocktail

It's patio season. That time of the year when the bar blenders run on overdrive, beers are best served upside down in margaritas, and people shamelessly lick the edges of their cups like a deranged toddler. It's not nearly as awesome when you're expecting and you can't order any drinks without putting "virgin" in front [...]

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