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While you’re pregnant it’s so easy to take everything for granted.  Your growing belling can sometimes feel like just that, a belly.  Your glowing self, although absolutely amazing, doesn’t always feel fantastic.  So what are you going to do to keep a little piece of your journey with you?  A piece of that time when you were expecting, a piece of a memory of your little bean in your tummy.  It’s such a sacred time to have your baby in your womb, how will you honor it?

Here are a few ideas.  You could:

1. Get prenatal photographs




this photo is probably way to riskay for most people, so keep in mind that if you do decide to do prenatal photos, by all means, only do what is comfortable for you!!  By no means do you need to be half nude, but let’er buck if you want to.  These photos where taken at Heaven’s Edge in Chestermere.

– Here is a fantastic photo fully clothed.  Tanya is a local photographer here in Lethbridge, so if you need prenatal photos here in Lethbridge she is my personal pick.  You can check out more of her work here.

2. Have a belly cast made

3. Have an ultrasound done and keep your photo/video. 

Here in Lethbridge an ultrasound is pretty standard around 18 weeks.  Of course you can opt out, but if you don’t, keep those photos!

4. How about a belly painting?!  Don’t forget to take a photo

Those are really just a few ideas on ways to honor your journey, there are plenty of others that are just not coming to mind right now.  Even keeping a jounal or blog of how you’re feeling during your pregnancy and the milestones you reach will bring you comfort in the future.  

Life with a new baby can quickly wipe out the pregnancy memory, including those precious memories of baby kicks to the ribs.  Prenancy is an amazing journey, cherish it, and keep a piece to remember it.

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