Rent or Buy. The Birth Pool Dilemma

The options available for birthing families are endless nowadays. You can choose where you have your baby, with who, and how. While this has made birthing wonderful in so many ways, it has also made it a little overwhelming for some. All the choices can be daunting.

So let’s say you’ve decided you want to have a waterbirth. You’ve done all your research over at Waterbirth International and you’ve read all the benefits on my blog post Waterbirth. Now your only decision is what sort of pool to birth your baby in to.

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I have had two waterbirths. One was at the birth centre in Calgary (pictured above), and the other was in my home in Lethbridge. At the birth centre, I just used the jetted tub they had available, and it was sufficient. And no, I definitely did not use the jets. They got turned on once by accident, and I almost crawled right out of my skin.

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When I had my baby at home (pictured above), I purchased a Birth Pool in a Box from Barbara Harper. At the time, BPIAB’s weren’t even available in Canada, and I had to pick it up at the Gentle Birth World Congress in Portland and bring it back. I can’t even describe the difference the large birth pool made comfortwise. Based on that comfort I experienced, I decided to make those pools available for people to rent, except at a fraction of the cost.

I’m going to break it down for you.

Prices to purchase your own single use pool:

  • Birth Pool in a Box single use pool $250
  • Shipping $30
  • Drinking water safe hose $30
  • Submersible water pump to drain pool $90
  • Air pump to blow up pool $35
  • Faucet adaptors for hose $10

Grand total: $445 (and this is before GST)

If you decided to go with the professional version of the birth pool, this would add another $250 to that total, making the grand total $695

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Price to rent a birth pool, and what you get with the rental:

  • Birth Pool in a Box Professional
  • Disposable liner
  • Drinking water safe hose
  • Faucet adapters
  • Submersible water pump
  • Air pump to blow up pool
  • Delivery of birth pool to your door
  • Pick up of birth pool after you are done with it

Grand total: $185

You can find cheaper pools on the market, that is for sure, but I am looking at the same brand costs for comparison purposes. The reality is, I supply top of the line birth pools, and they can get expensive if you want to own one. I have birthed in these pools (well, the BPIAB brand), sat on the edges of them (yes, you can do that), flipped around in them weightlessly (the depth makes this possible), been in them with other people (oh so roomy!), and I know that they are your best option for comfort during labour and birth. I rent pools so that you don’t have to spend $410 – $660 to experience that level of comfort.


I know all the choices can be overwhelming. Please pop me a message with any questions you have about waterbirth and your pool options.

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