Singing Your Baby Out

Great things happen when a woman vocalizes during childbirth.  Many times a woman will create her own birth soundtrack, whether it be humming, chanting or full out singing.  Vocalizing helps your body to relax, sending vibrations throughout your body and down to your cervix, helping the labour process along.

According to “Love to Birth“, some of the benefits of singing during labour are:

  • Gives you a focus during contractions which helps you stay positive during the birth.
  • Helps you relax in between contractions. Easing tension in the body is thought to lessen the pain of labour.
  • Naturally regulates your breathing which helps increase the supply of oxygen to you and baby.
  • Gives you strength and confidence to own the birth space.
  • Helps you, your birth team and your care provider’s tune into your labour’s rhythm and progression. Contractions are often signaled by long notes and as labour progresses, you may even hear yourself start to push before you consciously feel like pushing. This kind of awareness of your labour can help you receive appropriate support and sensitivity.
  • Is a great way of your partner and/or birth team engaging in the labour. Singing with someone else is an invaluable support tool.
  • Enables you to give from your heart and experience birth as an act of love.
  • Love to Birth is an Australian doula service that offers a workshop called “Birthsong”, where they teach moms how to utilize their voice during their birthing.

    Recently I was at a birth where the woman used music.  She had been up all night with some pretty intense contractions, felt as if she were at her breaking point, and then said, “hand me my guitar”.  With guitar in arms she played, and she sang, and she changed.  The music relaxed her body so much, that even though she was still having hard contractions, she sang right through them.  She said the singing changed the direction of her labour, created a distraction that enabled her to relax, reenergize and move forward.  It was amazing.

    Singing Black Horse and The Cherry Tree

    **photos and reference used with permission

    Below is a video of a woman who sang during her birthing experience, it is beautiful.  I am finding more and more women that use music/singing during labour.


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    1. Ellie Colver May 27, 2010 at 9:15 pm - Reply

      What a fabulous idea. I didn’t sing for years and years because I was self-conscious about my voice and now I sing everyday with my toddler. It is so easy to feel self-conscious about ourselves, whether during labour or whenever. Singing can allow us to be in the moment.

    2. Salina Ulrickson June 1, 2010 at 8:41 pm - Reply

      wow, that story is fabulous, you are so lucky to have been a apart of such a wonderful experience 🙂

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