Breastfeeding Hell?

There is a belief among many pregnant women that breastfeeding should come easily and naturally, especially if your birth goes according to plan. You should sit, looking all powerful and majestic, and your baby will naturally latch on while you gaze lovingly into their eyes. It will be magical, natural, organic, and generally beautiful... like parenting [...]

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What’s with the new name?

Today is the re-launching of Offbeat Doula! (formerly known as Earthy Birthy Doula) I know many people will wonder why I have decided to completely rebrand, so here is a little explanation. When I first started the Earthy Birthy Doula blog, it was not meant to be my business name. It was initially just meant [...]

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More options for your waterbirth

Offbeat Doula just acquired another birth pool available for rent! I'm happy to announce that I now have an Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool along with the Birth Pool in a Box! Every pool rental comes with the following accessories: Hose to fill and drain pool Faucet adapter Electric air pump to blow up pool Submersible water pump [...]

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