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I haven’t posted in a while, I’m sorry about that.  There is so much to talk about!!  On April 10th a friend and I flew in to Nashville and made the pilgrimage to the “Holy Land”, THE FARM.  If you don’t know what The Farm is all about, you can check out this link for the community info and this link for the Farm Midwifery info.  To make a really long story short, The Farm was formed by a large group of Hippies who were caravaning accross the USA and decided to stop in Tennessee.  The Farm used to be all about communal living, although they do not practice that anymore.

Ina May Gaskin was one of the first Midwives at The Farm, basically because people were having babies on the caravan and she and her hubby Stephen Gaskin chose to help out.  From that came The “original” Farm Midwives, including Pamela Hunt, Joanne Santana and Carol Nelson.  

We went to The Farm to take a Midwifery Assistant Training workshop, which was absolutely fantastic by the way.  It was one week and we were taught by all of The Farm midwives.  We learnt so so much, including how to find blood pressure, how to check dilation, effacement and station, how to use oxygen, usage and sterilization of instruments, midwifery history, all about the Safe Motherhood Quilt project, Watsu and much much more.  Keep in mind that this was a Midwifery Assistant program and not a doula workshop.  What this means is that most of the skills I learned can only be practiced when apprenticing under a midwife, I cannot perform them as a doula.  Well, except Watsu, I’m pretty excited to offer that to my Doula clients.

During the week we were there we ate a strict vegan diet.  I am actually pretty amazed and how good it was!  We ate so much kale and yet I could hardly even tell.  Another staple seems to be beans, they even made “ice bean”.  yummmm

The Farm was an experience that I will never forget, it was intense in the best sort of way.

**pictures to come**

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  1. Amy July 11, 2011 at 4:17 pm - Reply

    Could you bring any of those midwives back up to Lethbridge with you next time you go!?

    • earthybirthydoula July 11, 2011 at 7:18 pm - Reply

      I wish! That would be nice, wouldn’t it? 🙂 We need midwives here, badly.

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