Top 10 Instagram accounts for pregnancy and childbirth

I’ll be the first to admit that I love Instagram. I love scrolling for pictures, posting pictures, reposting pictures, and finding like minded people around the world to connect with. The plethora of birth photos and moments available on Instagram is amazing, and the community of birth photographers and doulas on there certainly sets a high standard. They are nothing short of mind blowing. So today, I’m going to share with you my top 10 picks for birthy Instagram feeds, in no particular order.

10. @cradledcreations

Birth Photographer + Film Maker Jaydene Freund photographs birth, new life & motherhood. Based in Vancouver, Fraser Valley.

The collection of photographs shared by Jaydene Freund on her business IG account Cradled Creations is a work of art. The moments she is able to capture and share with us tell stories of trust, empowerment, emotion, and triumph. There are maternity photos, labour and birth photos, including waterbirths, hospital births, and cesarean births. She just won 1st place in the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers 2017 photo competition, so it’s safe to assume that she’s kinda a big deal.

9. @melissajeanbabies


Melissa Jean is an artist on the Sunshine coast in Australia, and her images can be recognized world wide for their captivating beauty. She shares candid moments of mothering and breastfeeding, alongside coastal maternity photos, and magical tubs full of glitter. Yes, magical tubs full of glitter. It doesn’t stop there though, she also arranges tubs of flower petals and Christmas balls. I don’t want to know what the clean up is like after some those shoots, but the final product sure does look glorious.


8. @stopcensoringmotherhood

If you want to see some raw, emotion provoking photos, you’ll want to check out this account. It’s a campaign by @4thTriBodies, and it will challenge your ideas of motherhood… or maybe confirm them. It is an account for empowerment and for potentially smashing the patriarchy. Stop Censoring Motherhood is a collection of images that have been submitted using the stopcensoringmotherhood hashtag, so if you want to join the ranks of women committed to removing the stigma around motherhood and birth, start using #stopcensoringmotherhood. They always give credit to the location they found the image and the original source, which is ethical and respectable in the age of copy/pasting IG.


7. @wildbornproject

These photos are from Alegra’s personal photography account, she shares similar photos to those on Wild Born Project

Photographer Alegra Ally @alegraally is documenting traditional and ecological knowledge of indigenous women during pregnancy, birth and rites of passage rituals. She is an ethnographer, and has been sharing photos from Papua New Guinea, the Yamal Peninsula, Namibia, and Palawan. The photos give the viewer a look in to other cultures for the opportunity to expand our ideas of pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

I have a background in anthropology, so this account speaks to me on all sorts of levels, I recommend you go have a look, and also check out their website!

6. @monetnicolebirths

I have been following this account for a long time now, and the photos she shares never ceases to amaze me. Previously @cordmama, you will find awesome detailed photos of umbilical cords, placentas, waterbirths and enough emotion to warm any heart. In fact, I used her photos in my blog post Leave that Cord!, that is how much I love her photos. Monet Nicole is based out of Denver, Colorado and has been featured in several publications.

5. @angelawombwarrior

Melbourne based doula, photographer and mentor, Angela Gallo will captivate you with her wicked funky style, her not so subtle feminist posts, and her amazing birth photographs. On her account, we get a peek in to her personal life where she is a doula, a mom, and a business trainer, but we also get to see all the amazing birth photos that may have drawn us to her account in the first place. She’s not afraid to call bullshit, and I think she could single handedly smash the patriarchy. Also, I’m fairly certain we could be best friends. Whatever the case, you will love her photos, so go take a lookie lookie.

4. @laceybarratphotography

Another Melbourne based doula and birth photographer, Lacey Barratt’s account is an essay on unapologetically raw birthing, breastfeeding and parenting. She’s not afraid to share a look at her own birthing experience, parenting and breastfeeding journey, and that sort of vulnerability is admirable. There are tattoos, piercings, purple hair, kids, and a whole lot of love on her account. A mixture of selfies, phone photos, and professional photography, Lacey Barrat will make you wish you lived in Melbourne too, you know, so you could be friends…. or hire her to take your birth photos… one of the two.

3. @doulatrainingsint

Doula Training International is (obviously) a doula training organization, and they are killin’ it on the Instagram front. Some of the things I know about them simply by following their Instagram, is that they are an inclusive organization, feminist, pro-body, and they will call a spade a spade. They do a lot of photo sharing, which is fantastic (because it saves you the time of looking for rad photos), and they ALWAYS give credit to where they found the photo, and who took the original photo. This is a huge thing in the IG community, and I value an account who spends countless hours searching for some of the most empowering photos known to woman, and gives due credit. DTI rocks my socks off, and I’m sure they’ll rock yours off too.

2. @blackmomsbreastfeed

Let’s be honest for a minute. We all know that the birth world on IG is pretty white washed, and diversity is not really the main focus of most birthing/breastfeeding accounts. This is why I love Black Moms Breastfeed. Taken straight from their insta profile, “We hope to decrease U.S. breastfeeding disparities by serving as a platform where Black moms and babies can rest in love and community.” I fully believe and support the #blacklivesmatter movement, so I also love this account, I see the need for it, and I share from it whenever I can. There is everything from quotes and selfies to professional photos, all with the common goal of balancing the representation… and it is wonderful.

1. @tribedemama

A mixture of sisterhood, diversity, nature and emotion, Tribe de Mama connects women from all around the world to celebrate femininity, motherhood, and our wonderful amazing bodies. They delve in to politics, feminism and embody a global community of badass sisters, willing to bare it all to spread the love. Tribe de Mama produces an online digital magazine, along with a blog and a resource listing to local Tribe de Mama Facebook groups. Their Instagram feed is a collection of shared images and originals, all of which are stunning. When I’m looking to feel connected and more grounded, I look to Tribe de Mama.

There are so many amazing accounts on Instagram, it was incredibly hard to narrow it down to just my top 10. The depths of talent you can find is bottomless, and everyday I am in awe by the amazing stories, emotions, and sheer talent.

An account I want to mention, but couldn’t put in my top 10 due to conflict of interest is @birthingmagazine. I am the social media mistress behind that account, and I spend countless hours searching for relevant, on point posts to share with our followers. I share content from all of the above mentioned accounts, so I am truly indebted to them. They really are my faves.


EDITED TO ADD: I need to include an honourable mention here. A few people have mentioned this account following the original top 10 release…and they are correct, @empoweredbirthproject deserves a shout out and has been rocking socks off since they started posting. They post body positive empowering images that are chock full of raw emotion and awe. It’s no wonder people were voting for them, even when there wasn’t a vote, haha! Also, EMP always credits the original source of the photos they repost, which again, is nice to see.

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