Top 10 Maternity Halloween Costumes


There are two things I love in this world probably more than anything (not including family of course!), and when the two of them collide, I get pretty excited. The two things are beautiful pregnant bellies, and Halloween. So in celebration of all those who are expecting during this wonderful spooky holiday, I have compiled a list of my top ten favourite “with child” Halloween costumes.

10. Wrecking Ball


Okay, this has got to be one of the easiest and funniest Halloween ideas for pregnant bellies. And now you’re singing “I came in like a wrecking ball…” in your head, aren’t you? You’re welcome.

9. Disco Ball


This is great for maternity, but hell, I would wear this even not being pregnant! This is definitely how to be the life of the party, and I bet people will be telling you all night that you glow… are sparkle… or something cheesy like that. Anyways, if you want instructions on how to make this beauty, head on over to Instructables.

8. BB-8 (Baby 8)


Any Star Wars fans? Well, we happen to have a couple in our house, so of course this is a hit with me. In fact, we recently acquired an actual BB-8 droid, and it can often be found getting its cute little head pawed off by our kitties. But man is it fun to watch roll around.

7. Death Star


And of course there is the infamous Death Star. You can put the death star on a shirt like this photo, or you can even get it painted right on your beautiful belly. I think you can even get a large body tattoo for this, but maybe don’t quote me on it.

6. Thing 1 and 2


Aside from the immediate issues I have with this costume (being that women are not things, and Thing 1 did not birth Thing 2), I think it’s pretty damn cute.

5. Baby peeking out of shirt


Okay, this is just cute. I would likely wear this all the time, and not just on Halloween, but if you did yourself up all over, you could probably make this look like a mummy costume too. Either way, cute idea. You can find this shirt in a variety of colours on Etsy (go figure, of course you can).

4. Mummy (to be)


Or you could go the DIY route and just straight up be a mummy. I would still vouch for scary though, and maybe cover the face and add some blood. But that is just me.

3. Beer Belly?


Men spend years working on a beer belly, but for this “special” Halloween costume, you should only need to invest about 6+ months! Keepin’ it classy.

2. Nun


Always a classic… the pregnant nun. So scandalous, and yet so hilarious if you are expecting. I always wanted to be a nun for Halloween when I was expecting, but I was never really far enough along to have a costume that utilized my belly.

  1. Alien!


I can remember clearly watching “Alien” when I was a kid in the 80s, and being scared half to death when the alien baby came bursting out of John Hurt’s stomach. It has become such an iconic scene, and thus is my number 1 pick for maternity Halloween costumes. With a little creativity, you can actually make this costume pretty gory, but I decided to post the kid friendly version. 😉

But wait!! I have a bonus favourite!

Pregnant Unicorn!


As a lover of unicorns, and someone who may or may not own several unicorn costumes (I do BTW), I love this. I love it a lot. 

I hope you enjoyed the costume ideas posted here, and if you have any unique costume ideas yourself, I would love to hear them! Happy Halloween!

happy halloween

**ps. if any of these pictures are yours and you would like them taken down or given credit, please let me know. I posted credit where I could, but otherwise could not find the original source

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