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Being a mother is not easy. Parenting in general is not easy, but mothers seem to have all this added pressure on them to fit some sort of supermom mould.

I am tired of it.

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Ali Wong said it best in her stand up comedy act Baby Cobra, “there’s this crazy double standard in our society, about how it takes so little to be considered a great dad, and it also takes so little to be considered a shitty mom.” It was funny, and I was howling laughing during the entire show, but it’s also sadly true. Moms are so incredibly hard on themselves, and then society is full of double standards that confirm our self loathing. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a mom who felt like they were good enough for their kids, like actually, on the inside… and that is bullshit. Moms, you are enough. You are more than enough, you are everything your kids need.

And I’m willing to bet that all this self doubt, fear, and unworthiness comes from the social pressures of child rearing and the construction of gender roles. You know… you have breasts, a vagina, and you have kids, so this means you should also do X,Y,Z. And then as soon as one of us doesn’t fit in the clean little mommy mould, we internalize and blame ourselves for being a shit mom.

Can we stop? Please?

If you’re a mom, watch this video. If you have ever doubted that you are enough for your kids, watch this video. Kristina Kuzmic and her truth bombs are exactly what we all need to hear.

Have a great week mamas, and society… quit being a jerk!


***feature image was found on The Reproductive Justice Blog

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